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Left 4 Dead Epic Left 4 Dead Epic

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Been over 2 years since I last reviewed a flash

...but I'm glad it was this flash that marked the start of this peculiar action.

Well what can I say, the animations were done pretty well although the backgrounds could have been better.

The first parody on Louis was INCREDIBLE! PILLS HERE! AMMO HERE!

Great job!


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Highly Contagious Highly Contagious

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Glitching is always so much fun:)

Well, Im not sure if this is intended to be somewhat of a jam-session, or a full production. In case of the latter, it kind of lacks a coherent structure to be followed (with the exception of the introduction and breakdown).

The synth is very cheesy, maximum z3ta+ for sure. Its those kind of sounds that make it easy to tell what synth your using. For show-time tunes and dance, its perfect. Not sure if you made it from scratch or what.

The melody is very nice, very careless.

The breakdown at 0:38 is done kind of sloppily, melodically speaking.

Things I would improve would obviously be the structure, more elements, more of everything really.

Its great for what it is, but it's hard to evaluate it as a full song when I can't tell if its intended to be so.

Good job!

Drop me a review if you'd like! I'm still on the Latest page :)

TheMrMokey responds:

Thanks for the review!

I had just launched z3ta for the first time and was trying out some of the factory presets when I was fascinated by some of the arps and how they sounded. It is a factory preset with the arp removed.

I guess it is more of a jam than a full song but I think I will improve upon some other time. I really was just testing out different elements and then sticking them together.

Thanks again,

Moving Forward Moving Forward

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Oh god, I'm nervous to review the popular artists on here...esshh here goes :(

I like the beginning gate, and that arp that will continue throughout the track is nice

I think your choice of beat elements is too flat and choppy to be akin to a Trance track? I would put it more at house-y.

0.50 love the melodic buildup and those pulsing riffs, it's a very very smooth track. Like it's playing on a silk record :)

1.33 Synths start to come in more, again, really really smooth I'm enjoying it very much. At this point I think not enough has happened between 0.50 and around 2.00 when it goes into this small breakdown. The drum comes in, but it kinda latches on to what was there already, and I don't feel that engine drive that the kick drum should provide (in my opinion).

Second buildup cool with that piano, but again, not much has changed. I think its very developed melodically, but it's not....powerful enough for a proper bumpin trance track (which is not to say its not extremely good).

3.56 Ahhhh yeah. So I guess a chillout trance track. Like one that lets you take it easy down a long road on a hot summer day.

4.58 Eyyyyyyyy.....sunrise. That is all.

Excellent job on this!

Drop me a review if you'd like!


SubZero45 responds:

Hey Tvvist,

I want to start off by apologizing if I came off as someone who thinks they are a famous artist, that is definitely not my intention. I am not very popular, I just know that I have a few people who have favorited me, so I wanted to thank them.

As far as your review goes, I want to thank you for that as well. It was a lot more than I expected and I couldn't be more thrilled.

I'm not very akin to what's considered "trance" and "techno" and "dance." As far as I'm concerned, if its relaxing, its trance lol. But I can see how I can kind of steer people away with mislabeling the song.

Anyway, I am really glad you enjoyed the track overall, it's really reassuring to know my music isn't total crap. I always seem to have a problem with repetition, but it didn't seem to be too bad from what you have said.

Thanks again for the review, I will be sure to send a review of my own your way.

Filthy Freshness Filthy Freshness

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I can feel so many dubstep influences here. LOVE the vocal sampling, pristine!

It's layered really well, and nothing is muddy, nice and crisp.

Maybe the kick rolls right before 1.09 could be varied a bit with other drum sounds? snares and shit :)

The first hit is very BOOMIN, but it kinda tunes back out, as I've found is very common for recent dubstep producers to vary the Bass riffs so much that they stray from the core, powerful bass, as is in this track. I understand that's to add interest, but its....too much interest o.O and not enough of the core bass.

Other than that really nothing to complain about!

Excellent job!

Drop me a review if you'd like!


C-Enterprise responds:

I'll keep these things in mind for new projects, especially about focus the core bass more throughout the song :)
Fixing those things in this track right now would mean change almost everything but you're right, next track i'll do, i'll see these things ;)
thank you